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Buy RogueKiller Premium, clean you machine from malware and viruses.

RogueKiller is an anti-malware able to detect and remove generic malware and advanced threats like rootkits, rogues, worms.  It also detects controversial programs (PUPs) as well as possible bad system modifications/corruptions (PUMs).

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112 reviews for RogueKiller Premium (Personal)

  1. tigzy (verified owner)

    Good product.

  2. tigzy (verified owner)

    Bon produit.

  3. Bill Batta (verified owner)

    I ALWAYS use Adlices RogueKiller Premium to remove malware as a second opinion when other software fail!

  4. Lukowski Jacques (verified owner)

    Logiciel très efficace en version gratuite ; je le conseille à tout le monde . La version payante semble être plus intéressante encore.

  5. dominique surour

    Super efficace, très bon produit
    La version payante semble être plus intéressante encore.

  6. Jerry Williams (verified owner)

    I’ve used the free version of Rogue kill for little over a year. Based on it’s performance, I’ve decided to purchase a license to get all the current updates. Very good program.

  7. yannick (verified owner)

  8. ducastel

  9. grooberjoose (verified owner)

  10. Hwy14 (verified owner)

  11. krp94 (verified owner)

    J’ai acheter mais tien eu system pas complet au niveau du site mais logiciel parfait

  12. valerio (verified owner)

    Un prodotto molto potente, sicuro ed affidabile per la rimozione di tutte le schifezze che girano sulla rete.
    Grazie per aver fatto resuscitare il mio PC !!! e avermi dato la possibilità di provarlo ne come trial, ne con versione limitate nel rimuovere il problema.

  13. Ron (verified owner)

    Awesome software. Removed the Poweliks Trojan. Norton couldn’t. I would definitely support this company and buy their software

  14. WBA (verified owner)

  15. Angeloflight (verified owner)

    J”ai toujours eu Rogue Killer version free aucune attaque j’opte maintenant pour le Premium en toute confiance

  16. kteal978 (verified owner)

  17. Francky (verified owner)

    Suite à mon message d’hier, je suis content d’avoir reçu ma licence.
    Très bon produit que je conseil vous tous…


  18. sirvincent (verified owner)

  19. exoacab (verified owner)

  20. dlussier4 (verified owner)

  21. Henk Kracht

    Why force people into getting Facebook to get a discount ? There is nothing wrong with Twitter …

    • Tigzy (verified owner)

      Twitter doesn’t have the same impact as Facebook.
      We don’t force anyone to get a discount 🙂

  22. yannick

    super produit merci mais qui pourrais m aidé via skype ou facebook car j ais un toolbar récalcitrant a retirer

    • Tigzy

      Bonjour, vous pouvez obtenir de l’aide sur notre forum:

  23. Mehmet (verified owner)

    Very good. You should try for your safety.

  24. jason.clark (verified owner)

  25. Eunice

    I tried the free version and want to get the extra features. This is excellent value for the price.

  26. Jahan (verified owner)

    its best prodcut on Earth for removing malwares.

    my review :
    Support and Members of Adlice : best peoples on the earth !

    Database of RougeKiller : always update also for unknown malwares.

    Speed and Ram usage : very low , u dont feel its installed on your computer.

    Thanks Adlice For born this prodcut.

  27. JHuot

    esxcellent produit ce Roguekiller

  28. Kylester

    THIS PRODUCT KICKS ASS !!, im thinking about getting a lifetime key,,, but also wondering if i get a regular key also, after a year,,, is it automatic subscription or can i disable auto and choose when to update it

  29. Kylester


    • Tigzy (verified owner)

      Hello, this is the law for everything you buy on the internet we need to write up an billing invoice. That information isn’t shared with anyone.

  30. Ron

    Looks good but before I decide to purchase, will this get rid of win32/hadsruda!bit?

    • Tigzy (verified owner)

      Give it a try! Scan removal is available in Free version as well, and you have a 30 days trial.

  31. holbroos (verified owner)


    Très chère la version à vie 64 €

    • Tigzy (verified owner)

      Dans ce cas prenez la version 1 an 😉

  33. mcelesteucv (verified owner)

  34. manu

    Le seul à avoir détecté et supprimé le bitcoin miner que j’avais choppé; plus 11 autres trucs que ni windows defender, ni malewarebyte, ni spybot, ni hitmanpro n’avaient trouvé.
    Bref c’est tout simplement le plus efficace du marché.
    You won my business guys, j’achète une licence le mois prochain.

  35. Tigzy (verified owner)

    Bonjour, plutôt PUM (Modification potentiellement indésirable). S’il n’y a que ça tout va bien.

  36. Robert Colassin

    Heureux car c’est le seul qui m’a éliminé le nouveau virus toolbar qui est ultra vicieux

  37. Daniel Smith

    I hate to worry about all the dishonest morons out to steal from others, this software free verison is good, but I want the added protection

  38. Daniel Smith

    Much better than other software, I want the extra features with the paid verison

  39. Alan Curdie

    Seems to find stuff thatother programs don’t, but of course lots of progs list stuff that doe’nt exist, so sceptical for that reason. If it could remove that Steam malware I would buy right now, nothing else can! Overall I wan’t to buy the premium, but sceptical because of all the other bad programs out there.
    If I feel I can trust it I will certainly buy.

  40. Ray Grant

    A professional tech support representative introduced me to this product. After he successfully analysed and repaired all the issues I decided to add Rogue Killer to my “must have” tech support paid products

  41. Kurt Bresler

    Tried Rogue killer for the first time the other day, after removing the threats it listed, my computer had some issues like not showing the delete button on the pop-up file menu and not being able to save a file to pictures, is this because of something I removed or did I not read the fine print? Still looking for help since I have a “date changing -virus, trojan, malware, or windows file problem” That is my date changes sporadically and will not stay correct for more than 12 hours or so, but My time always stays correct. Have changed the CMOS battery, ran Eset online, running Malwarebytes 3. and Norton Security 24/7 still have this issue since building this computer around Christmas this year 12/2016. please contact me if you have any ideas, Thank you very much.

  42. jean

    works very good all bugs are cone perfect.

  43. leblancgreg (verified owner)

  44. Michael Haephrati

    I have been researching new DLL Injection techniques and got to know RogueKiller. I found it to be an excellent product to fight and detect malware. It uses a unique approach not used by most of the well known firewalls and AV programs. Keep on the good work! Michael Haephrati, Secured Globe, Inc.

    • Tigzy (verified owner)

      Thanks for your support Michael!

  45. salih

    Diğer anvirirüs programlarının bulamadığı ne varsa çıkardı bakmadıı taramadığı yer yok harika

  46. aiconseil (verified owner)

  47. Hubert

    Excellent tool, and even if I’m not obliged to pay, I will do it. Because I have tested different ones (paying for some of them) Roguekiller has clean all wrong things in my laptop. Spam from my outllook forbidding me to send mail and even my Dropbox problem appeared months ago. I’m always not believing it!

    So thank you so much. I’m recommanding to everyone I know.

  48. Mad Luffy

    Im actually using Avast and it detected nothing. Then ive heard that an USB Virus is spreading installed it via recommendation and it found 108 Items

  49. Sayem

    I am a programmer and I usually am very careful, but one day I slipped and installed something with an adware. 10 hours of juggling with a malware that takes you to , no matter what I do it kept coming back. Finally googling up got me here and tried it. 37 detected items. Neither Kaspersky or Avira could detect 1. Anyway, if there was some sort of a summer sale I would purchase this for $5 because that’s all I got in my PayPal right now.

  50. olivier


  51. Chrisboz

    Logiciel parfait, meilleur que Malwarebytes.

    RogueKiller it’s the best of the best, perfect.

  52. Patricia Peeters (verified owner)

    Je suis bien d’accord avec Chrisboz. Ce programme est beaucoup beaucoup mieux que malwarebytes qui ne sert strictement à rien. Ça fait deux ans que j’utilise RogueKiller, et il m’a “sauvé” plus d’une fois!

  53. andre.gregoire185 (verified owner)

  54. labelete

    très bon nettoyeur de fichier caché
    je recommande

  55. Helskyz

    Logiciel qui tient ses promesses et ultra puissant, bientôt 1 ans que je l’utilise en version premium et il ma détecter plusieurs malwares que malwarebytes et autres n’on pas détecter !
    La licence a vie coûte trop cher dommage, alors je prendrais un renouvellement de 2 ans avec les 20% de promotion.

  56. devilaine

    essai de la version gratuite, roguekiller premium puis Ucheck, c’est un produit qui fait ce qu’il dit.
    je compte acheter le pack version 1 an.

  57. kobi (verified owner)

    Great Product,

    Test it And Got Best Results For My Work
    Bought The Personal Premium License
    Fair Enough For The Price.


  58. Logan

    I wish lifetime was cheaper, the free version saved me from alot of trouble though!! If I had money id be getting lifetime sub

  59. gabor

    Très bon logiciel en PREMIUM peut être utilisé en Mode Sans Echec avec réseau(F5)mais MALWAREBYTES en PREMIUM m’a très très souvent sauvé (d’autant que j’ai une licence à vie comme pour ROGUE-KILLER)
    merci infiniment
    (je ne peux pas faire de dons à tout le monde bien sûr mais vous avez bien mérité mon don de 20 €)

  60. GREG (verified owner)


  61. Paul M

    I’ve been playing hide and seek with a virus on my laptop for weeks. Have tried more ant-virus software programs than I can remember. I see the bogus files and if I remove 1, 2 more appear. Saw Rogue Killer and expected more disappointment. Instead it cleaned my system! Norton, Eset, Windows Defender, Kaspersky, Bit Defender, Malware Bytes, just to name a few said my system was clean. RogueKiller easily did what the others missed. Awesome!

  62. Eric P (verified owner)

    This is a very solid anti malware program. I use It along with Malwarebytes, because RogueKiller seems to sometimes pick up some items that Malwarebytes misses.

  63. Philippe (verified owner)

    Bon logiciel,nettoyage tres satisfaisant.Facile d’utilisation,prise en main rapide.Je le recommande sans aucun probleme.
    Merci de votre attention.

  64. Alex (verified owner)

    One of the best AVs you can get

  65. Rebecca (verified owner)

    It’s easy to use and I’ve had zero problems since I installed it to help me get rid of a nasty bit of malware. Recommended

  66. Jogoalar (verified owner)

    Vraiment très efficace. J’en suis très satisfaite (version payante).

  67. vivendi delectatio

    Version 14 ; enfin double un bouclier !

  68. Julie (verified owner)

    I bought antivirus software and when installed t couldn’t update the definitions. Called their tech support. They remoted in and couldn’t do it either. After a couple of hours I left them to it. When I got up in the morning, the RogueKiller free version had been installed, it caught 4 things, the anti-virus software was updated and the logs were left so I could see everything they had done. For AV software Vipre – best tech su;ort I ever had for $20.

    Obviously RogueKiller is their go to malware product. It worked and that was enough for me. I bought that too. It has since captured something at the same time as Microsoft that was so bad Microsoft disconnected me from their servers. That time Microsoft fixed it but RogueKiller had caught it. .

  69. Un utlilisateur

    TRès bon logiciel dommage qu’il soit pas assez connu

  70. Patrick (verified owner)

    Trés bon logiciel détecte ce que les autres ne détectent pas.Facile d’utilisation.A recommander!!

  71. durso (verified owner)

    très très bon logiciel de nettoyage.

  72. Jeffery Hackenberg (verified owner)

    Great easy to use product, can’t wait tell the new premium 14.0 version come out for Windows 10. Highly recommend the product.

  73. Paskouloff (verified owner)

    continuer à faire du bon boulot les gars
    est je serai toujours avec vous comme client

  74. Cat

    I’m just trailing at the moment
    But will be buying
    I’m sold on it
    Gives confidence that the job is being done and in good trustworthy hands

  75. Steeve

    Je me souviens avoir utilisé rogue killer sur le portable d’un ami qui a été victime d’un ransomware et grâce à ce logiciel j’ai pu supprimer celui-ci. Un excellent logiciel que j’encourage et que je recommande. Peut être que la licence a vie pour certains paraît cher… Mais moi je dis ça vaux le cou ! Et les développeurs travaillent dur pour notre sécurité, un logiciel qui rend si bien service ! Bravo aux développeurs pour ce si bon logiciel !

  76. sg

    RogueKiller est le meilleur antivirus
    que je connaisse ! 😀😀💎💎

  77. Michael Heer (verified owner)

    Great product, excellent support… a ‘real’ rogue-killer!

  78. Don

    RougeKiller finds things others don’t find. Excellent!

  79. Luis


  80. Patrick Melard (verified owner)

    très très efficace ma dépanner bien souvent

  81. Tom Rice (verified owner)

    RougeKiller is a tool I couldn’t be without. It finds and gets rid of things that no other tool I’ve tried can. Excellent product.

  82. Kim

    Quite an overall great software, very happy With it so far.

  83. John Goss (verified owner)

    Up to now Rogue Killer Premium has been the best anti-malware software I have come across.

  84. DED (verified owner)

    J’utilise aujourd’hui RogueKiller depuis plusieur années, j’ai une licence à vie, le prix est très raisonnable.
    Avec en complément MalwareBytes (licence à vie également, acquis à même époque), je me sens en sécurité.
    Je pense être l’un des premiers a leurs avoir fait confiance et je suis sûr qu’avec RogueKiller + MalwareBytes, on peut se passer d’un anti-virus générique, je compte d’ailleurs ne pas renouveller mon abonnement pour BitDefender (encore valable pour 773 jours), ça me feras des économies et je serais très bien protègé.

  85. James

    Found and deleted some malware that other tools missed.

  86. Wes (verified owner)

    This product is amazing. I use this along with a few other tools to keep all my personal work/gaming computers clean. I even made my employees get it and it literally saves my company money when our computers run fast, great, like new. 10/10. Please continue to improve this and keep our computers healthy.

  87. Joseph (verified owner)

    (¯`’•♛•★•*¯*• -:¦:-A Must Have-:¦:-•*¯*•★•♛•’´¯)
    I’ve been using this product from the beginning, what other software, Norton Endpoint and Malwarebytes, misses this will find.

  88. Simone Carini (verified owner)

    it’s really efffective

  89. MOREL (verified owner)

    Application super efficace et très simple d’utilisation. J’ai acheté une licence à vie. Le prix est très raisonnable. Je recommande vivement !

  90. Sealex83

    J’utilise RogueKiller depuis que cette appli existe.
    Je l’ai souvent recommandée dans les différents forums que j’ai créés.
    Je le recommande toujours sur mon site, dans mes programmes de sécurité et de nettoyage.
    C’est à mon avis, un programme indispensable pour tout internaute qui veut correctement protéger son ordinateur.
    Facile à mettre en place, facile à utiliser, et surtout efficace quant à son travail de détection et d’éradication de programmes malveillants.
    Le prix est plus que raisonnable, (la sécurité n’a pas de prix). (perso j’ai la version à vie).

  91. luc

    very good , easy to use, effective and powerful, thanks a lot I tried different
    antimalware but only rogue killer worked for me.
    I am going to buy

  92. D-G (verified owner)

    cela fait 5 ans que j’utilise rogue killer d’abord en version gratuite puis cette année Jai opter pour la version payante difficile de trouver mieux ailleurs question désinfection d’un pc après c’est au gout de chacun pour ma part rogue killer ma souvent sauver de certaine infection que mon propre anti virus était incapable de trouver

  93. Jp

    Le meilleur antivirus. Mon ordinateur ayant été contaminé, je l’avais fait scanner par Norton, McAfee, WindowsDefender, et ils n’avaient pas trouvé le virus. Puis un ami docteur en informatique ( littéralement, ce n’est pas une méaphore) m’a vivment conseillé RogueKiller, qui, en UN scan a détecté et éliminé le virus.

    Chapeau bas à l’équipe d’Adlice, les chevaliers des temps modernes.

  94. Jack (verified owner)

    I’ve used this software before and was very pleased with it. This product also helps keep you registry clean. I just started using again about a month ago and it has already paid for itself as far as I’m concerned. So far it has cleaned my registry for me and it helps when I go on movie sites so that I don’t keep getting redirected to some advertisement. Nothing is 100% but I would most certainly recommend this product to anyone.

  95. Philip (verified owner)

    I feel that RogueKiller is a very good piece of software.
    I have been using other software to keep my PC safe but it is
    not has good as RogueKiller Premium.

  96. Alan M (verified owner)

    Been using Rogue Killer for maybe five years now. Great product that has saved me from four really bad infections over the years when other apps failed to flag them. Recently had to swap out a failed motherboard on one of my PCs and Adlice made the license transfer process simple and straight forward. A deserved five stars in my opinion.

  97. chorizolo

    Pensé que tenia el ordenador limpio, pero me dio unos fallos, lo instale y me dio 15 “problemas”, ahora funciona mejor, gracias

  98. Eric

    Hi Rogue killer has been the best antivirus for me for the past 8 year . I highly recommend this software

  99. johan.dulst (verified owner)

    Very good stuff, Top.

  100. Richard (verified owner)

    tres bon produit, rien a redire, merci

  101. Daniel (verified owner)

    get tired of all the “Greddy” SOB’s trying to make a profit off others hard work- This program works well in keeping my computer safe from malware, it’s fast and always works, never lags or slows my machine down

  102. tina chasan (verified owner)

    After building pc’s since forever, I decided to buy a great Dell product. Now it’s still running super fast and clean, thanks in part to this program as well as the great product that Dell offers. Buy this program as it is the best I have ever found and used.

  103. JMF45

    Un excellent produit AntiMalwares. Les autres suites le font aussi si on paye le prix !

  104. Jean Chanzy (verified owner)

    Bon logiciel. J’ utilise la version pro depuis 5 ans.

  105. Brad (verified owner)

    Great product at great price. I would recommend trying RogueKiller before purchasing other well known adware programs. I run RogueKiller together with Malwarebytes and have no problems and know my machine is secured for the online work I do. Great work..

  106. Ced (verified owner)

    I’ve used this product for over 5 years. I have nothing but rave reviews. It’s easy to use, it’s continually updated in a timely manner, and it gets the job done. I’m happy that I purchased this product. They are innovative company and have a genuine approach to software development. You can’t go wrong when you purchase this product. I’d purchase it again and again.

  107. J.E.

    Very nice program, the best I have had for this purpose. I have a two year license.

  108. gerard perrissol (verified owner)

    votre logiciel m’a trouver un virus où mon antivirus habituel avais échoué merci beaucoup

  109. J.W. Schoep

    Het werk perfect

  110. Stéphane Brunel

    Indispensable et salutaire en cas de vrai gros problème. Un must !


    Muy Bueno

  112. Xaver Bauer (verified owner)

    It’s a great product. very good. In the future i wish more live protect for web. Many thanks in advance.

  113. Sveinung Kvist (verified owner)

    Very good software. Used it for several years.

  114. Rick Williams (verified owner)

    best one by far…have it on 3 machines…one really finds nasty ones…even malwarebyte,
    superantispyware,others missed….roguekiller finds it removes it ,no traces to be
    found.keep up good work..cheers.

  115. Alan Marques (verified owner)

    Subscribed to Premium many years ago and have never regretted it. Not only has Rouge Killer found stuff other programs have not but its real-time protection has saved me on more than one occasion. I like the five license subs, have it running on multiple machines, very handy and sensible licensing model that is worth the price. Also great at picking up PUPs (look that up if you have no idea). Great job folks, keep it up.

  116. LEX06 (verified owner)

    RogueKiller est un excellent logiciel anti-malware qui dispose en version Premium d’un module de protection en temps réel. Sur W10 il fonctionne sans problème au côté de Microsoft Defender.
    Enfin, au regard de sa qualité, son prix à l’achat est modeste (1 PC pour 12 € TTC pour la version “particulier”).

  117. Tamara Buffham (verified owner)

    5 stars. Superior detection and minimal impact on system resources. I have used the free version to remove malware for years but I paid for premium last year. I am happily renewing when it expires. I am not renewing my main security though, as it detected 0 threats all year but RogueKiller has found 8 and successfully removed them all. If anyone has any doubts about the premium version, I would recommend this to anyone. It it the real deal for an incredible price and Adlice is a top notch company with top notch support. Keep up the great work, Devs, and thank you very much for RogueKiler!

  118. George Scurfield (verified owner)

    Windows Devender tells me there are threats but it never trapped them. I read online to try RogueKiller and after a purchase and one scan in the threats (which were minor but still annoying) are now gone. Thank you RogueKiller!

  119. Scata (verified owner)

    Bon produit. Cette application a trouvé plusieurs problèmes.

  120. Xu hang

    I like this software.

  121. marc jeandin (verified owner)

    trés bon logiciel efficace et simple d’utilisation , 5/5.

  122. James Wright (verified owner)

    I am going to keep useing this program It has really helped me

  123. Philippe (verified owner)

    Best Malware Software! Thanks!

  124. J Money

    RogueKiller is simply the best. I rely on it daily to protect all of our devices.

  125. alex (verified owner)

    it’s really effective in detecting malware.

  126. John (verified owner)

    RogueKiller found and fixed problems that other AV software didn’t find!

  127. RASPOUTINE (verified owner)


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