Lost License

Please tell us the email address used during the purchase. Your license along with the order receipt will be sent by email.

If your email address has changed, please contact us.

8 thoughts on “Lost License

  1. The download link for the ROGUEKILLER_TECH Version 10 is not working. I can not download the product to use the license key I purchased.

    1. Please contact us.

  2. Dziękuje wam z całego serca jestem szczęśliwy a zarówno miło ze mogę z wami wspułpracować

  3. From what I see so far is, this company seems to do a very good job at finding real virus, and with a program for a fair price. If they keep their price as it is, I think they will turn out to be a very successful corporation and I personally wish them the very best. Remember Norton, they fill your computer with garbage that can not be uninstalled like Nero and I know that for a fact. They were even accused years ago to generate their own virus so that their program would be the only one to clean it. I would recommend you to try this program out and decide for your self.

    1. I remember Norton and its issues and that was a shame because the original suite of programs was very good. Peter Norton should never have let Symantec acquire the company. Keep up the good work Adlice. You’ve got some good products.

      1. Finally, someone that understands where this is going, cheers!

        Thanks RogueKiller!

    2. Dear Nobody, I couldn’t agree more, Norton is great if you are a computer whizz, and you know just how to “tune it up”. But for most users, Norton is WAY too complicated, takes up huge amounts of RAM space…and as you said, is virtually impossible to completely uninstall, once it has been installed on a device.
      I had a very nasty Trojan on my computer, and a BullGuard technician remotely accessed my computer and then installed RogueKiller in order to remove said Trojan…I was so thankful and impressed, that I purchased a lifetime membership for RogueKiller…They offer a very good freeware version, but I felt indebted to them so I purchased the lifetime membership for 3 computers…As you said these AdLice guys are very good at what they do.

  4. Very satisfied with the software.

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