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Buy UCheck Premium, update all your software in one click.

UCheck is an extremely powerful software that will update all your software in 2 clicks. It also provides ability to install the software you need without hassle. Keep your machine away from malware by always using the last version of your software.

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37 reviews for UCheck Premium (Personal)

  1. Tigzy (verified owner)

    Good product

  2. Donna Gavatorta (verified owner)

    Good product, I think, However at this time I am confused


    very nice program

  4. Josh Javage (verified owner)

    It updates software, but not drivers. If I had a chance to buy again, I wouldn’t )do not plan to renew). Still need to use Driver Booster to keep up to date. Additionally, even softwares that should be included, aren’t. qBittorrent is a very popular torrent program, that at this time, isn’t included. Nor is Notepad++, which is freeware, so the database is very limited.

    Pros: Can upgrade common softwares.

    Cons: Limited database, doesn’t update drivers.

    Feature requests: Offer access to the database library, to install programs from the GUI. Expand library of softwares to include other softwares including free firewalls and anti-virus programs similar to Fosshub and Alternativeto.

    • Tigzy

      Hey Josh, thanks for your message.
      For your information, Notepad++ and qBittorrent are included.
      For other suggestion, I’m afraid this is not possible. Adding software isn’t as easy putting up a new name, it requires programming.

  5. Joe (verified owner)

    Five stars! — another great product from Adlice — competently handles several installs on which other update programs stumble. Worth running every day you are online.

  6. kevin947 (verified owner)

    I fnd UCheck a useful tool, helping me keep upto date with Programs on my computer. It is a product I’d urge basic computer users to subscribe too.

  7. Philip A. Campbell (verified owner)

    I have been using UCheck Premium for over two years now. It is a very useful program for updating many of my other programs on my computers. In addition, Alice Tech Support is outstanding when there are minor glitches. I highly recommend UCheck Premium.

  8. Thomas Sandifer (verified owner)

    Good program. Does what it is supposed to do. Would be nice if it also updated drivers.

  9. itswhatido (verified owner)

    Excellent. Solid utilization. Rock solid functionality. Get the Premium version. It’s worth it.

    I never have to worry about my hundreds of apps and full programs being out of date.

    Also monitors beta versions which saves me money. Think about that for a second.

  10. Gennaro (verified owner)

    This is a very handy tool to have in your arsenal for keeping software up to date. Outdated, end of service and/or end of life software is frequently exploited by bad actors to compromise systems.

    It is very easy to use and has many useful features including scheduled scans. Support is always very responsive if you run into any difficulties. I would highly recommend this product for software update automation.

  11. Wesley Rouwoos (verified owner)

    UCheck is a nifty program that checks if your apps and programs are up-to-date.

    I like this program very much.

    I translated the program into Dutch and I got a free lifetime license for it.

  12. itawhatido (verified owner)

    Focused on simple purpose. Update software. Not trying to sell me anything. I use it 3 times a week on each of my machines (5). Best of Breed for this type of utility.

  13. bob drinnen (verified owner)

    I have used this product for two years and and i find it to be very useful to keep programs updated and fight malware. A five star app that i recomend everyone use.

  14. Dave Slotter

    After trying out UCheck I felt very satisfied about its coverage of other applications and was also impressed about the responsiveness of the developers. There were a few applications I used which weren’t covered, so I emailed them about it, and they were then added.

    Because of this, I purchased a lifetime license for UCheck. Thanks, guys!

  15. Mehmet Keçeci (verified owner)

    Very good program.

  16. Fred Miller

    The program performs well. We’ll see how it continues.

  17. wilber duarte

    muy buena en lo que cabe

  18. Joe (verified owner)

    Excellent and reliable software, from some superb coders — whose considerable talents show in other Adlice offerings, as well. However, continued expansion of UCheck’s update-covered software list would definitely be a plus.

    Personally, I do not see a need for this particular product to branch out into the distinct field of driver updates, simply because user driver-update tastes and preferences — and the driver update procedure best suited for any individual user — vary enormously.

    I use UCheck every day, and really appreciate having it.

  19. Spencer Lane (verified owner)

    UCheck Premium works quite well and meets my needs. I run a scan a few times a week for security purposes and I want to make sure I’m using the latest version of software.

  20. Rafael Garat (verified owner)

    Excellent! Better than other similar update softwares.
    A bit difficult to send information about programs not considered.
    Nice interfase and easy to use.
    Fast downloading time and installation.
    Must have spanish translation.

  21. Daniel Robertson (verified owner)

    Great software! I am still learning all the bells & whistles.

  22. Daniel Robertson (verified owner)

    Fantastic! The software I have updated has yet to fool this installation software.

  23. Larry O’Keefe (verified owner)

    Good Stuff, I really enjoy using Ucheck Premium

  24. rodney millar (verified owner)

    good software keeps all my software up to date brilliant stuff 5 stars

  25. Alex Zanini (verified owner)

    E’ un buon SW però secondo me va migliorato ancora un po’ a volte non trova aggiornamenti disponibili e a volte ne trova di quelli iesistenti.
    Comunque lo consiglio a tutti.
    Buona giornata a tutti.

  26. smartcow360 (verified owner)

    Useful product, easy to use

  27. Stephen Mark Hester (verified owner)

    Very good. User friendly

  28. winstonbobi (verified owner)

    Non do le 5 stelle perchè il software non installa in autmatico gli aggiornamenti anche se configurato li trova ma non li installa!

    • Tigzy

      Hi, thanks for your review !
      Ucheck does install automatically (Premium), you should need to enable the setting in the Scan parameters. Regards,

  29. stafford (verified owner)

    Excellent software and at a nice price. The goal is to patch your systems and this tool really helps.

  30. MrTimmy (verified owner)

    This program is almost great! What it does, it does well. I would like to see them expand the functionality to allow for notification of new versions for applications that they don’t directly support with an “in program” installation routine. That way, I can be aware of something that needs updated and I can manually perform the update.
    I hope they continue to develop and add features. I hope they continue to add more applications to the list of supported items.
    I showed my appreciation for the developers by getting a lifetime license. I always prefer when companies give that option!

  31. Robert Redmon (verified owner)

    This has great potential to be a excellent software updater given time and patience.
    As a SUMO user I like what I see so far. I also follow the forums and seeing the new features and challenges ahead, which reflects my rating overall.
    I like it that it is very easy to use, and it is easy to change settings with it.
    Outside of a few install issues of certain programs and false positives, Version 5 works well.

  32. Ionut Popescu (verified owner)

    Happy with this as replacement for SUMo. Maybe an automated scan when the tool is opened?

  33. Gé Blijleven (verified owner)

    Uitstekende software, prima.

  34. Matthias Stöckert (verified owner)

    As a former Sumo user I’m happy that ucheck develops in the direction for beeing a replacment for Sumo. For a fifth star some small topics can be improved in my opinion:
    – distinction between new beta versions and new official releases
    – possibility to mark a new version as not yet released as a feedback
    – detecting the right version number (used also by the vendor) e.g. Luminar AI (1.5.smthg vs 4.3.4.smthng)
    – support for drivers
    Please continue to develop that very helpfull apllication!

  35. dcurryallen (verified owner)

    Excellent product. One of the most comprehensive, inclusive, up-to-date (as well as accurate!) update programs I have yet to find! I do use a separate updating software for my drivers so I cannot comment on that aspect.

  36. Mr. Sampson Downey (verified owner)

    I been active in computers for many decades mainly installing, updating ,and upgrading of software. So much so that the update king was a nick name suited to me. These day the process is made simple for the most part programs like

    SUMo (now retired) was one of the better ones low profile and had no automatic installers but the hit rate was spot on and though it had space for a driver updater it could be hid and it was quiet.
    Companies like Ashampoo, IO10, systweak, are below average for the hit rate for the software I have installed. PatchMyPC a free updater has a better hit rate and without the built in “more software you need”

    UCheck sadly is the same as the other mediocre paid software updater mentioned above, I purchased a two year term and have since deleted the software and will move it to the “Current license but discarded” folder as to keep track of what I purchased. If you expect me to pay for software and I do if there’s not and open source equal or better software not available. Looks don’t impress me as I been using computer before the GUI interface, having a built in catalog or ad generator when I paid for a license to me is wrong.

    In my opinion UCheck is no better functionally that the aforementioned software. My active licensed UCheck sits in a folder I may check from time to time for improvements but the automatic renewal is off.

  37. juancarloskd (verified owner)

    A good software updater is a wonderful thing for those of us who have so many programs installed and like to keep them up to date and organized. As they have said in another review, it is not easy to find a good program for it, and in that search I found UCheck, which seemed to me the best at that time. It really is a software that promises and can do great things, still today it has to progress, albeit slowly, but steadily.

    I give it 5 stars, even though there is still a lot to improve right now, because it is my hope and I bet on it, but please…. keep evolving.

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