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RogueKiller Premium (Technicien)

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Achetez RogueKiller Premium (Version Technicien) et nettoyez votre machine des malware et virus.

RogueKiller est un anti-malware capable de détecter et supprimer des malware génériques et des menaces avancées comme les rootkits, rogues, vers. Il peut également détecter les programmes controversés (PUPs) ainsi que les modifications/corruptions du système (PUMs).

La description du produit peut être trouvée ici.

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12 avis pour RogueKiller Premium (Technicien)

  1. tigzy (client confirmé)

    Worth a try.

  2. tigzy

    A essayer d’urgence.

  3. philippe


  4. sirvincent

  5. Ron Gravatt

    I have been using RogueKiller for years. It is the first tool I use on nearly every computer that comes through my doors and it always pays off! Stops the dirt in its tracks out of hundreds of scans I’ve done, there have been damned few that have come up empty. I highly recommend this to anyone who does this for a living or is a user who is trying to rid yourself of stubborn background stuff, keeping your computer tied up in knots. I am now a paying customer because these guys deserve it.

  6. Jan-Albert (client confirmé)

    RogueKiller is probably my preferred scanning tool above most other AV tools. I use Avast as well, for background scanning, but so far RogueKiller has been the most successful at removing suspect files & repairing the system whenever it was necessary. At present, I would consider it the best all-round tool. That is why I bought the Technicians licence – this team does brilliant work!

  7. Fred (client confirmé)

    Parfait , A essayer sans attendre les yeux fermés en toute confiance

  8. Djoul

    Très ravi et très efficace

  9. joe Marrazzo (client confirmé)

    Ive used Roguekiller Tecknition for several years as a small computer repair shop i find it to be the best and I ahve tried all the different malware removers

  10. Samir


    Et merci pour votre savoir faire

  11. Micheal Dean (client confirmé)

    A product I’ve used most days for at least 5 years. I use and pay for several products from many vendors, the product line from Adlice is in my not so humble opinion, one of the two best security based software companies around. The cost of a full licence is more than worth it.

  12. Rob Kaski (client confirmé)

    This is a phenomenal for identifying and stopping malware of any type. I have had amazing success/results cleaning and repairing infected computers .
    Thanks for such top notch software and keep up the great work

  13. BESSON (client confirmé)

    à ce jour(2021.01.10)rapide et efficace .Satisfait de mon choix.

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